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(¯`° · (¯`°·. Nibel Fighter .·°´¯) · °´¯)

.: An Elegant Mystery :.

Tifa Lockhart [ティファ・ロックハート]
3 May
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[ KH!Tifa Lockhart RP journal played by tao_empress at dissideo. ]

.: Tifa Lockhart :.
Name: Tifa Lockhart
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Age: 23
Timeline: Post-Dirge of Cerberus
Weapon: Premium Heart; gloves that essentially enhances her hand-to-hand fighting capabilities
Materia [Max 4]: Lightning, Gravity, Time, Shield
Preferred faction: Cosmo

History: Located Here.

Personality: Of rather humble beginnings in the small mountain city of Nibelheim, Tifa knows the meaning of hard work and dedication. These principles, she puts into her work as well as every other aspect of her life.

Level-headed and passionate about most if not all of her endeavors, Tifa Lockhart could be considered the glue that kept her friends together and focused as the supportive figure that encouraged everyone to keep going and trying when things got tough. To keep fighting and do their best despite the odds against them. It was with her optimism and determination that Tifa continually attempted to stay in contact with her childhood friend, even after he supposedly disappeared from their lives. Made apparent not only by her supportive role in Cloud's life but with her other friends as well, she serves as a maternal figure, particularly where Marlene and Denzel are concerned, putting forth an even mix of determination, confidence, and respect to all those around her with an ever mellow and understanding attitude. Almost to a fault, she provides a quiet comfort to anyone she comes across. But she is not without her flaws as well.

Essentially, her greatest strength also is the main source of her weakness, a double-edged sword proving to be both a blessing and a curse. While it is true that she cares for others and places their needs before her own on most occasions, it is that same reason that Tifa allows little to no attention on her own inner demons. The extreme focus outwards leaves little time for her to reflect on the sins of her past and thus cannot work beyond them to a point where she can start to forgive herself. Much like Cloud, she holds a fair amount of guilt for the things she has done, particularly with the role she played in Midgar and the collapse of the upper plate in Sector 7 that killed so many people. Her neglect of these issues could only serve to deepen these scars. However, it does not mean that Tifa has not tried and does not continue to trying to overcome it.

Abilities: Tifa's skills are very physical. In her younger days in Nibelheim, she trained with a martial arts teacher, mainly in hand-to-hand combat, and relies most often on that knowledge to fight and defend. Perhaps, due to this and through extensive use both in her bar and battling enemies, she has developed an almost unnatural level of strength that outmatches most if not all opponents, particularly when coupled with glove and/or claw type weaponry. She is also very agile and quick, capable of moving at almost lightening speed whilst fighting against an enemy.

It is suggested, due to her martial arts background, that Tifa possesses the knowledge and capability of using various other pieces of weaponry such as bo staffs and bokken.

However, it is her unending loyalty and kind heart that are the true source of her power. Her charm. Willing to listen to the problems of others and help them out in anyway that she can, the sort of comfort Tifa provides in times of need and turmoil would certainly be of more value.

AIM: Dragonstorm85
RLJ: tao_empress
Email: taochan85@gmail.com